Top 5 Social Networks to Post Your Articles

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When you’ve written your article or blog post, you’ll want to put it in front of as big an audience as possible. Social networks are a great way to do so and these are the top 5:

Facebook – The largest social network that has been around for more than a decade, Facebook is probably the best social site you can post your articles to.

Twitter – Although only able to squeeze in 140 characters at a time, Twitter is still relevant. It has a very large and passionate audience who use the site to read the latest news from the short tweets.

LinkedIn – If you’re looking for a more serious and professional audience, LinkedIn is a must for any blogger. It is the penultimate social network for professionals and businesses.

Pinterest –┬áPinterest is a site mainly for images and hobbyists. But you’ll be able to carve out an audience from this female dominated niche social network if your content is visually appealing.

Google+ – Despite not having as much traffic as the above social sites, Google+ is still a worthy site to post to due to the weight of its backlinks and ability to promote to YouTube.

3 Ugly But Incredibly Successful Sites

When we create a website, most of us want to make it look good. We may buy the best templates or hire a web designer to make the site visually appealing to future readers. In fact, we may even not hold back our spending in the design department.

But can an ugly website actually be successful? Granted the aesthetic appeal of a website is subjective and many people will have differing opinions on whether a website design is beautiful or ugly. There are some designs that are minimalistic instead of ugly and Google is one that comes to mind. But there are some factors that give rise to what people may agree as ugly, such as bad color combinations, irregular fonts and misaligned columns, to name a few. Here, we look at a couple of wildly successful websites that are almost universally looked upon as loathsome:

craigslist,,, craigslist screenshot

Started way back in the 90s, you couldn’t tell the difference today. The design of Craigslist look like it hasn’t been changed for the last 15 years or so. With small fonts and its text only design with a white and grey background, it looks like what a 10-year old child with minimal HTML skills could design. But it is the largest classified site in the world. Its user base in July 2011 is estimated at 66 million and page views is estimated at 24 billion.

Alexa Global Rank for 43

Alexa US Rank for 8

plenty of fish, pof,, free dating site,, dating site is an online dating site started in 2004. With its odd color combination and lack of any real visual appeal, it is considered ugly by today’s standards. In fact, its design has not changed since its inception 8 years ago. But today, it garners an estimated 3 billion page views per month, which is large by any global standard.

Alexa Global Rank for 281

Alexa US Rank for 75

drudgereport, drudge report,

Any article on websites with uncomely designs wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential Drudge Report. It is the epitome of a highly successful site with the absolute raw basics of HTML. It currently gets an estimated 250 million hits per month and is considered one of the highest trafficked news site online, all this run by single person with only links on its homepage leading to other news sites and less than 120 webpages indexed by Google at any one time (site: search in Google).

Alexa Global Rank for 457

Alexa US Rank for 95

Why Are These Sites So Successful?

So, why are these sites so successful? Many people will jump to the conclusion that design doesn’t matter and does not inhibit a website’s success. However, there are several similarities in these sites. Firstly, they are all older sites that entered the virtual realm at the start of the internet. Thus, they have gotten a large user base before the explosion of sites on the internet and have gotten a head start.

Another argument is that content and functionality trumps design. What this means is that the content or usefulness of the site draws people more than a visually appealing but less functional one would. What do you guys think? Would love to read your comments below.