Top 5 Social Networks to Post Your Articles

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When you’ve written your article or blog post, you’ll want to put it in front of as big an audience as possible. Social networks are a great way to do so and these are the top 5:

Facebook – The largest social network that has been around for more than a decade, Facebook is probably the best social site you can post your articles to.

Twitter – Although only able to squeeze in 140 characters at a time, Twitter is still relevant. It has a very large and passionate audience who use the site to read the latest news from the short tweets.

LinkedIn – If you’re looking for a more serious and professional audience, LinkedIn is a must for any blogger. It is the penultimate social network for professionals and businesses.

Pinterest –┬áPinterest is a site mainly for images and hobbyists. But you’ll be able to carve out an audience from this female dominated niche social network if your content is visually appealing.

Google+ – Despite not having as much traffic as the above social sites, Google+ is still a worthy site to post to due to the weight of its backlinks and ability to promote to YouTube.