The Various Types of Online Business


There are many different ways to create online businesses on the internet. Some are easier than others and they have different levels of potential.

Content Sites

Content sites are mainly websites with articles on a topic or subject. Most of the time, they are created in the form of a blog, where articles are posted at regular intervals. They can be based on a smaller niche or a broader topic. These can be personal sites as well.

Some of these sites are known as affiliate sites as they main,y cater to articles based on products or services. The sites make money by having affiliate links, much like advertisements, that pays the owner of the site when a reader clicks through the link and purchases a product. Some of these sites are made in the form of review sites where they give reviews of products and services.

Another model of content site is the article directory. Article directories allow users to post their articles on the site for free as an advertising medium.

Membership Sites

One good business model is a paid membership site. These sites are based on acquiring members who pay mostly on a monthly basis for access to premium content in the form of articles, videos, audio interviews, specialized software and expert support. Some of the content can be added on a monthly basis and this makes the maintenance of the site less of a hassle.

Selling Physical Items

This is a straight forward business model and places the site as a shopfront on the internet. Physical goods are sold on the website and orders are taken. Once payment is made, either through credit card or an online payment processor, the product is physically shipped to the buyer.


Community sites are mostly based around a topic, geographic location or both. A community is then built around it. It is a good business model as most of the content is user-generated. The site is then monetized by having advertisements or charging for the sale goods on its sub-forums.

Digital Products

As the internet is getting bigger every year, more and more digital products are bought and sold. In fact, digital books have exceeded the sale of physical books for the first time this year. There are sites based around these digital products, such as software, ebooks, articles and more.


There are many kinds of online businesses in existence and they can be limited only by your imagination and creativity. The above business models represent the most common and most attainable ones for most us. In reality, most of the websites on the internet are not based on a single model but are a combination of the models. It is the integration of these models that maximize the potential of websites.

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