Best Free Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is a wonderful content management system (CMS) for building websites and blogs. It is open source, free to use and extremely easy to manage. Using the cPanel in any webhosting platform, WordPress can easily be installed and set-up in minutes.

Thousands of Free WordPress Themes

There are many free WordPress themes that can be used as well. In fact, as of the writing of this article, there are more than 1,500 free WordPress themes that can be easily and quickly installed in the admin panel of any WordPress site.

Reasons Why Free WordPress Themes are Not Reliable

However, there are a couple of reasons free WordPress themes are not as desirable as they should be. From my experience of downloading and using free WordPress themes, I have found some of them to be broken and not updated to the latest versions of WordPress. There is also literally no support for some of them as the creators of the themes are either too busy or do not see the benefits of providing support for a free theme. Furthermore, there may be security issues with free themes as wayward designers may include malicious code or the theme itself can easily be hacked externally. Another issue is that even if the theme is working and updated now, there is no guarantee it will be in the future.

For these reasons, I have wasted numerous hours searching, downloading and using these themes that at the end of the day, gave me more frustration than they are worth. A lot time was wasted in finding solutions to the problems that come with broken and out-dated themes.

Free Premium Themes

This is where free premium themes come in. There are many WordPress vendors who make very good incomes selling premium themes. These themes are sold individually, in bundles or subscription-based. At the same time, many of these premium theme vendors give away free themes to promote their businesses. Some of them are completely free, while others are free to use but have certain paid features.

These premium themes are definitely superior because the theme vendors have the incentive to keep the themes updated and free of malicious code. Some of them also provide support in the form of community forums. Moreover, as long as they stay in business and are profitable, we can be sure that the themes will be kept up-to-date with the latest features as they will want to maintain their reputation and integrity. Below is a list of the best free themes provided by premium vendors.

Flexibility 3  – This is one of the best free themes. It is flexible, as the name suggests, and can be customized to be almost anything you want. It can be used as a blog, static website or sales page.

WooThemes – This is a very popular brand of premium themes. WooThemes currently has more than 15 free premium themes to choose from and use for free.

Templatic – They currently have 6 free premium themes at your disposal. – These are absolutely beautiful themes and currently has 10 free themes for you to choose from. They are Architekt, Simple Photo, Photo Grid, Blog Grid, Grid, Simple Grid, Unique, Grid Portfolio, Photo and Photographer.

eFrogThemes – There are two free premium WordPress themes that are available for download.

PageLines – The base theme framework for PageLines is free to download and use. Registration is required in order to download the theme.

FearlessFlyer – There are a couple of free premium themes from FearlessFlyer.

ThemeJunkie – There are 3 free premium themes named Table, Channel and FashionPress.

iThemes – They currently have more than 8 free premium WordPress themes for download and use. – 3 premium themes are available for free download. – There are currently 9 free premium themes in that is available for download. They are Kelontong Lite, Bangkoo Lite, AppCloud Lite, Disco Lite, Kakileema Lite, Dangdoot, BuySell Lite, TokoBajoo Shopify and Balita. – There are 11 free premium themes available for download. Registration is needed in order to download and use the free themes.

WPBusinessBundle – They have one very good free premium theme. – 4 basic free premium themes can be used by anyone. – ThemesKingdom currently have 5 free premium themes that are named Sinapp, Widely, Tint, Danko and Landis. – There are 2 free premium themes for download and they are Prospect and DigiFoto. – They have 6 premium themes for free download. – There are currently 2 premium themes that can be used for free and they are Respo and Themnific Basic. – They have 20 premium themes, of which 6 themes are available for free download. – There are currently 5 WordPress premium themes that can be downloaded for free. – There are more than 20 premium WordPress themes for free download. – They have one theme that you can use for free called the Mistletoe Theme.

WPCrunchy – Currently, there is one free theme for you to use and it is named the Teaser Theme.

ThemeZilla – A theme called Launch, this free theme is a tumblog style theme that is available for download.

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