What to Look Out for in Buying a Domain Name



Buying a domain name is not difficult but it does require some thought and Paypal account.

What Domain Name to Buy?

If you are planning on setting up small niche websites, then keyword based domains will help in the SEO aspects of the site. It is better to have most if not all the keywords of your targeted niche in the domain name. Exact match domains are domain names that are the exact keyword phrase of the niche. For example, if you are targeting the keyword phrase “best search engine”, then bestsearchengine.com is a very desirable domain name to have. This is because Google gives more emphasis when ranking a site in their search engine results page (SERPs) when the $omain name matches exactly the keyword searched by users.

For brandable domain names, they can be somewhat related to your niche or not related at all. When the domain name gives an indication of what the site’s content is about, it makes it easier and faster to brand the site. An example would be TechCrunch.com, whose domain name indicates that it is about the technology niche. For names that are completely unrelated, such as Google.com for example, it is much harder to brand the site when it is in the initial stages of its existence. However, once the site is established in the niche, it can be a very powerful and profitable brand that stands out from its peers.

Another kind of domain name to take note are the shonote are the shorter names such as TMZ.com or POF.com. They are mostly acronyms of the brand name or could represent the name itself. These names are very easy to remember and easy to type into the web browser’s address bar. This means that the branding and advertising campaigns are made easier but they do come at a high price. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the domain name, the more expensive they are as they are mostly taken. However, if price is no obstacle to you or you happen to chance upon one that is available, it is a good option to consider.

Which Domain Name Extension?

For niche sites, the most effective domain names are purported to be .com, .net and .org. Even though Google has categorically stated that the domain name extension has no bearing on how well a site ranks in its SERPs, most SEO practitioners agree that these top three extensions seem to perform the best in the Google search engine.

For most purposes, domain names with the .com extension are considered much more valuable. This is because most people have become accustomed to brand names with the .com extension and they normally assume that a brand name is associated with the .com domain or vice versa.

Which Domain Name Registrar?

There are countless domain name registrars out there but I would consider Godaddy, NameCheap and Netfirms to be the top dogs in the industry. I have used all three of them and can recommend them as being trustworthy and reliable registrars thus far that I have been using them. Occasionally, you will find coupon codes related to specific domain names from these registrars and you can save a bit of money off them. Some other registrars include Name.com, Enom, NetworkSolutions, TuCows, Register and Moniker.

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