Getting Webhosting for Your Site


Finding a good webhosting company is essential for your online business as it will greatly determine your websites’ uptime, site speed and other factors related to user experience. There are plenty of options to choose from on the internet.

Shared Hosting

Shared webhosting is when the cost of hosting is shared among many websites. For the webhosting company, a server is split into sections and each section is owned by different customers. This reduces the cost of the server and results in very affordable hosting for your websites.

It is the best option for most webmasters who are starting out and the server maintenance and requirements arekadequate for normal sized websites as well. The monthly cost of shared hosting is normally priced at $4 to$12 for an individual customer to host multiple sites.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller webhosting is for customers who want to easily set-up their own webhosting busi.ess. The Reseller Hosting company has servers that are leased out to customers with a customized platform that allows the customer to further divide the server into sections (normally with the use of a  easy user interface) and further lease out the space. Thus, the customer can easily run a small webhosting business that caters to other business owners or webmasters. The monthly cost of Reseller hosting is normally between $20 to $80.

Webhosting Companies

There are a couple of webhosting companies available such as Hostgator, Bluehost and HostMonster.

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